Cross Cutter


Automatic separation by blade of film and/or print

In-line with laminator or off-line with reel unwind


Max speed: 60 m/min (200 ft/min)

90 gsm (60 lb) to 650 gsm (24 pt)


Under-lap separation


  • Servo driven flying knife 
  • Available at 76 cm (30”) wide or 105 cm (41”) wide
  • Separation of thin film, thick film, and/or print
  • Cut made to registration mark or to under-lap
  • Single cut flush work or double cut tab work
  • Integral in-line with Autobond laminator or stand-alone in-line with other makes of laminators
  • Unwind mechanism allows separation of pre-laminated reel of sheets, or reel of print, cut to a programmed length


Flush cut separation


 Reel to sheet separation