Micro 52 MF T 


1 sided and 2 sided, sheet fed, thin film, thermal laminator for ultra short run lengths 


Max sheet size: 53 x 75 cm (20 3/4” x 29.5”)

Min sheet size: 32 x 22.5 cm (12.5” x 9”)

Max speed laminating: 18 m/min (59 ft/min)

Max speed separating: 35 m/min (115 ft/min)

115 gsm (80 lb) to 450 gsm (20 pt)


Quick make-ready

Easy operation

Small footprint

Heavy-duty build quality 



  • Manual feeding
  • Table top with mechanical side-guide and angled in-feed drive belts
  • Operator overlays each sheet by hand, creating the over-lap



  • Electrically heated laminating roller
  • Digital temperature control up to 120°C (248°F)
  • Rubber counter-pressure roller
  • Choice of manually adjustable hand-cams or pneumatics for nip pressure
  • Film mounted on a quick-change bar
  • Film roll perforating mechanism
  • Rotating rewind/unwind mandrel for take-up of laminated sheets into roll form



Sheeter - manual

  • Separation done by hand pulling on perforated edge of laminated wed
  • Laminated sheets in roll form can be separated, or laminated on the 2nd side and then separated
  • Delivery into vibrating jogger table


Optional Features


Sheeter - automatic

  • Integral steer & pull separator runs in-line
  • Features include in-feed hold rollers, adjustable anti-curl bar, and variable speed belts